imagine holistically sustainable housing from the ground up

Snowdrop is an architectural startup that our team launched this past March. We aim to design and manufacture simple modular homes. Using locally sourced and sustainable materials, our homes will provide a cost-effective, net-positive infrastructure with superior levels of insulation. We envision these homes to help address the inadequacies of current disaster relief and community building projects, both domestic and international. We believe in creating an environment that meets people's needs for shelter, energy, water, health, and agriculture, enabling them to concentrate their free time on being more productive members of society. Snowdrop is focused on providing holistically sustainable housing, enabling communities to thrive without external intervention. Join the movement today by checking out our new site below and let's plant the seeds for a sustainable future.

why does this matter?

We are entering a world of peak oil, peak water, peak phosphorus; a world that is globally interconnected yet ecologically impoverished. A world with seven billion people and counting. A world where every single major ecological system is in decline and declining exponentially. A world where global temperature increase means shifting rainfall distributions, acidified oceans, and potentially catastrophic sea-level rise. This has to change. We must work together to redefine not only housing but, what it means to be a community. This idea is integral to revivingreplenishing and restoring our relationship with the world and it is imperative that we work to preserve it. These are problems that far exceed the capacity of any one person to solve. That’s why we’ve started a movement.

If you like what Snowdrop is all about, spread the word by sharing this page or telling others. If you’d like to volunteer or work for us, stay tuned for opportunities to get involved. If you want to help us fund the implementation of tangible solutions on the ground, consider donating below. Whatever your capacity is, do that. Work with us and make a lasting impact on our world.

All profits will go into research, implementation or the purchase of equipment that aligns with project goals to create sustainable solutions for disaster relief or communities of developing countries.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, We would love to hear from you through email to

Thank you...